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5 Tips To Nailing An Interview

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5 Tips To Nailing An Interview

Job interviews are horrible anxiety inducing experiences for some people, while others aren't overwhelmed by the interview process yet can't capitalize on the opportunity. Many articles are floating around online, but these five easy-to-remember keys to unlocking magic at an interview are the only ones you need to know.

What's the Business?

Hopefully you know what type of business (retail, food service, construction, etc.) you applied to join, but how much do you know about the company? Take ten minutes and read a couple articles after putting the company's name into Google's search bar. Make a couple notes if you need to, but be sure to enter the interview with some background knowledge of the company.

There Is A Dress Code

Even if you're interviewing for a minimum wage, part-time position for the first job of your life, wear a collared shirt and get a pair of pants that aren't jeans. Tennis shoes should be nice and clean if worn, but any form of dress shoe is truly the way to go. Never forget to bring the main accessory- your smile.

Time and Focus

Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early but do not show up earlier than that. Keep your phone put away. Make sure your thoughts aren't centered on your last breakup or what you'll be having for dinner. Interviews usually end within twenty minutes, so give that twenty minutes your undivided attention.

Questions, Question, Questions

This isn't about answering questions; it's about thinking of a few questions to ask the person interviewing you about the job you are trying to acquire. Let them know you've thought about the position since applying.

End on a Positive Note

Do your best to conclude the interview on a positive note with the person interviewing you. This will help you to be remembered, and if you brought the smile mentioned in number two of this list, you'll be pictured with a smile when the interviewer thinks of you.

When the opportunity for an interview presents itself, you need to be prepared to go in for the win. Knowing the company, dressing for the occasion, arriving prepared a little early, asking questions, and ending on a positive note will put you in position to get the position. There's no reason to complicate things or make things difficult for yourself when you can keep things simple and still remain effective.